BYO Alcohol

Intoxicated behaviour is not acceptable at Club @ 103.

Responsible behaviour at all times.

Respect Management Directives at all times.



In the absence of YES , It is NO!

If it could make someone feel uncomfortable, DONT DO IT!

Don’t just jump in, ASK.

Respecting others and their choices. Problems with any patrons please advise Management.


Drugs are Prohibited

Any Illicit drugs will not be tolerated and Management has the right to refuse entry to those deemed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.



Club @ 103 wants everyone to have a great time hence, we provide a safe and social environment.  If we all Party Together with respecting Rules & Boundaries the night runs smoothly. We encourage everyone to chat & mingle to get to know one another. Please don’t be ‘Pushy’ or enter into other people’s personal space. Keep conversation ‘FUN’.

Guys, spend some time socialising, it goes along way. Don’t just ask ‘do you play’. This can put a limitation on your night and the ladies feel disrespected.  If you want to watch please ask and keep a pleasant distance. Some patrons love putting a display for others. If patrons are playing Please be Quiet and respectful.



Couples, please chat with your partner before entering into the Club. Set your boundaries and do not proceed beyond what you have discussed. Respect each other as different occasions can arise.


Please respect your health and the health of others!!!!


Dress Code

Casual wear for our daytime and mid week sessions.

Friday & Saturday Nights Dress to impress.

Those who put extra effort into their appearance can have more fun!

Guys, the women put a lot of time to look IMPRESSIVE, Please return the compliment and go the extra mile!!!

Dressing down into sexy lingerie inside the club is welcomed but not compulsory. We do provide a safe place to store any personal belongings.

The following are not acceptable for Friday & Saturday Nights:

Thongs, sandals, untidy footwear

Work Clothing

Hats, caps or bandana

T shirts, singlets or ripped clothing